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Do you have other health insurance that will cover medical services ?

Does your spouse have other health insurance that will cover medical services ?

Example : other employer group coverage , LTD coverage , Workmans Compensation , Auto Liability , or Veterans benefits ? if The Topics Being Discussed Will Be the Following

Name of Health Insurance Company

Subscriber Name

Group ID

Member ID

Effective Dates MM/DD/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYY

Summary of Benefits : My plan will now Provide : 

I can Cancel my enrollment in this plan before my coverage starts by calling Customer Service at _______________________. If my plan coverage starts and i want to leave the plan , i will need to wait until the Open Enrollment Period , unless I qualify for a Special Enrollment Period . This Topic is a qualified example for an Over Age 65 product. 


Health Insurance Under Age 65 :

Health Insurance Over Age 65 :

Your Options For More Coverage

Option 1                                        

add one or both of the following to Original Medicare

       Medicare Supplement Insurance offered by private companies. Covers some of the costs not paid by Original Medicare Part A and Original Medicare Part B

       Medicare Part D offered by private companies. Part D covers Prescription Drugs

Option 2

choose a Medicare Advantage plan

      Medicare Advantage Part C offered by private companies. Combines Part A Hospital and Part B Doctor plus Most plans cover Part D Prescription drugs plus Provides Additional Benefits

Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its Affiliated Companies, A Medicare Advantage Organization With a Medicare Contract And A Contract With The State Medicaid Program. Enrollment in the Plan depends on the plans contract Renewal With Medicare. This plan is Available to Anyone Who Has Both Medical Assistance From the State And Medicare. 

This Information Is Not A Complete Description of Benefits . Contact the Plan For More Information . Limitations , copayments and restrictions may apply. 

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