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Education Topics and Enrollment

Example of An Enrollment Process

Unlocked         Step 1 : Education Learn More About Plan Benefits  

Unlocked         Step 2 : Learn About Ways To Enroll

Unlocked         Step 3 : Click On Ready To Enroll

Unlocked         Step 4 : Complete An Enrollment Request Form

UnLocked        Step 5 : Complete A Scope Of Appointment Form


Locked        Step 6 : Enroll Now Individual Appointment by Licensed Sales Representative

Locked        Step 7 : 2017 Plan Recap Form

Locked        Step 8 : Enrollment Receipt

Whats Next : Enrollment Submitted

Whats Next : Verification Letter

Whats Next : Welcome Letter and Member ID Cards

Whats Next : Getting Started Guide and Plan Details

Whats Next : Your Plan Coverage Begins

Whats Next : Schedule Your Annual Wellness Visit

Whats Next : Take Advantage of an In Home Clinic Visit Once A Year

Whats Next : Complete A Health Assessment After Your Coverage Begins



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